The Urgent Need for Arsenic-Free Water in Bangladesh

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In a recent groundbreaking study, scientists have uncovered a disturbing revelation about the water that nearly half of Bangladesh people are consuming daily. Shockingly, 49 per cent of the water – a lifeline for the majority of the population – contains dangerously high levels of arsenic, a known carcinogenic contaminant. This discovery sheds light on an impending public health crisis in Bangladesh, a nation already grappling with the aftermath of frequent heavy flooding and the escalating impacts of a spiraling climate crisis.

Linking Arsenic to Climatic Factors

The study, published in the esteemed journal PLOS ONE, establishes a direct connection between increased arsenic levels and rising sea levels, exacerbated by more severe seasonal flooding. Cyclone Amphan in 2018 submerged one-third of Bangladesh, and on average, 21 per cent of the country experiences annual flooding due to intensifying monsoon rains. This environmental turmoil has contributed to the escalating levels of arsenic in the water supply, posing a severe threat to public health.

Understanding the Arsenic Release Mechanism

The scientists collected water samples from wells across Bangladesh, conducting comprehensive tests for oxygen concentration, pH, and temperature. Their findings unveiled that an alarming 49 per cent of Bangladesh’s groundwater exceeds the safe limit of 10 micrograms per liter (μg/L) set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for drinking water. Astonishingly, some samples recorded arsenic concentrations as high as 450μg/L, surpassing WHO guidelines by an alarming 45 times.

Regional Impact: Beyond Bangladesh’s Borders

The crisis extends beyond Bangladesh’s borders, impacting neighboring regions like India’s West Bengal. Dr. Seth Frisby, the study’s author and a professor at Norwich University, expressed concern that the same chemical processes causing arsenic release into Bangladesh’s drinking water are likely to affect West Bengal. He emphasizes the urgency of updating outdated drinking water standards in both India and Bangladesh to address this persistent threat.


Health Implications: A Public Health Emergency Unveiled

Prolonged exposure to arsenic carries severe health risks, including cancers and vascular diseases. The study’s findings signal a looming public health emergency, urging immediate attention and action to prevent widespread health issues among the affected population.

Climate Crisis Amplifying Water Scarcity

Bangladesh’s vulnerability to climate change, particularly due to its low-lying topography and dense population, is exacerbated by the burning of fossil fuels. Projected sea level rise and the increasing frequency of powerful cyclones contribute to disastrous flooding, further compounded by intense monsoon rainfall. With two-thirds of the country less than 15 feet above sea level, ensuring safe drinking water becomes an increasingly scarce resource for the 165 million Bangladeshis residing in low-lying areas.

Call to Action: Developing Solutions

In response to these alarming findings, the researchers advocate for the expedited development of solutions. Urgent measures include the implementation of advanced water purification technologies and the establishment of infrastructure to prevent groundwater contamination. Addressing this crisis requires a concerted effort from local and international entities to safeguard the health and well-being of the affected population.

Conclusion: A Race Against Time

As Bangladesh faces the dual challenges of environmental vulnerability and a water crisis amplified by arsenic contamination, there is an urgent need for collective action. The international community, governments, and NGOs must collaborate to implement effective solutions that go beyond addressing the immediate crisis to ensure the long-term sustainability of the region’s water resources.


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